bald-riv-byjim-caldwell Welcome to Tennessee Overhill

So named because it was home to the Cherokee settlements that rested on the western slopes of the Appalachian Mountains-Overhill from the Lower Cherokee settlements.  This area has long been a destination for travelers, traders & explorers.  Today’s visitors will find a place rich in cultural heritage & scenic beauty – a place of forests, rivers, mountains, small towns & unique attractions.

“Spring into Summer 2014″

Spring is in the air and we’re breathing deeply. We bid farewell to the cold and snow and greet the sunshine with open arms. It’s time for mountain biking, hiking and road tripping with the family. And, as in all seasons, enjoying the awesomeness of the Overhill. Channel your own path as you explore some of our beautiful waterfalls in southeast Tennessee and let nature’s glory inspire you.


Locator Map

Locator Map


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